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Testimonials & Cases


Testimonial 1

Can I please say that I will absolutely be recommending your firm to others in my position, your professionalism and knowledge has been fantastic and I very much appreciate you representing me in the these matters. I was in a difficult separation but you Richard have helped me achieve what I didn’t think I could and through your efforts I can now move on. People like my ex are bullies that can knock the confidence out of any vulnerable person but Richard your persistence and support have given me the strength to carry on.


Testimonial 2

I would like to thank you and all staff for all your help and your professional and personal attention to detail.
I've found dealing with you all  way ahead of a lot of other businesses operating in same field.

I am genuine in my comments and respect for all of your staff and will have no issue in recommending you.


Testimonial 3

I was very privileged to have Bannerman Solicitors represent me in resolving custody and financial settlement through the Family Court. The case was highly complex, volatile and drawn out across 2013 to 2015. Richard and Karen were able to grasp the level of risk for my child and understood my concerns.

Karen Campbell was thorough in her day-to-day correspondence, ongoing meetings and preparation of documents. Having both Karen and Richard’s exceptional representation at Trial exceeded all expectations. Resulting in final orders which provided myself and my child with safety, security and a financial settlement.

I would recommend Bannnerman Solicitors to any prospective client in search of professional legal representation. I am forever grateful for the experience I had with all the staff at Bannermans. During such a stressful period in my life they were always fully understanding and supportive.


Testimonial 4

Good afternoon Patrick,

I'd just like to thank you very much for your service to M, which has been really appreciated. Although this case was not complex, it's still a stressful process for the client and the family. It's great to now have closure and, although D's mother may (unlikely) initiate proceedings in the future, we can now move on.

Thanks so much for your professional service. M felt much more confident with having you to act for him than if he'd had to go through the process on his own.

Best wishes for the future!

Kind regards
Jenny W

Testimonial 5

I approached Bannerman Solicitors for a Family Law matter on the recommendation of an
acquaintance. I never once regretted this decision.

For the most part I dealt with Richard Bannerman and then later with Karen Campbell
when she joined the firm.

Richard’s and Karen’s total professionalism, care and integrity helped to get me through
the long and drawn out process of my matter, which when finalised resulted in the best
possible outcome for me.

I cannot recommend Bannerman Solicitors highly enough.

Testimonial 6

Richard Bannerman was recommended to me as other lawyers I had seen seemed to focus only on the financial side of things and were not listening to my main concerns. I had major concerns in relation to my children's safety.

At my first meeting with Richard, he listened to the issues that were important to me and straight away understood the situation my family was in. He gave me expert advice in that very first meeting and put my mind at ease. I immediately changed my lawyers to have Bannerman Solicitors represent me. Richard understands the family court system and the family law but he also cares about your family.

Nathan has also assisted Richard with my case. Both he and Richard are very thorough in their work and have been very patient and understanding when dealing with third parties who have been very un-cooperative and difficult to deal with.

My divorce proceedings are what they call "high conflict." They have not been pleasant at all. However, with Richard and Nathan helping me, I have managed to make it through.

They have been by my side throughout numerous complex court hearings. Not only do they understand the legalities, they fight for your family and they care about how you are coping throughout the process.

They have always shown the utmost professionalism and their only goal from the very start and right through all of the proceedings has been to help my family achieve the best outcome and to settle matters quickly for us.

I would highly recommend Bannerman Solicitors to anyone who requires a family lawyer

Testimonial 7

I approached Bannerman Solicitors for a matter in family law. I was dealing with Richard Bannerman in the early stages, who is very professional & accurate at what he does. Then I started dealing with Kate because Richard was away at the time & have never looked back. It seems like they have a particular way & reputation that they uphold for their clients. I have never been disappointed with any of the staff at Bannerman Solicitors starting from reception to accounts department or the personal assistants to any particular lawyer. They all seem to strive to do their best & endeavor for the best outcome for the client particularly best interest of the children. 

Kate has helped me by being her amazing self and having my child's best interest at all times. communication with Kate has been a breeze she is very understanding, compassionate & seems as though can read your thoughts without having to talk for hours explaining (wasting money & time) Let alone the communication over the phone, emails & in writing was of the same standards & caliber. 

The result has been positive for all involved in my case & worth every minute of my time & money. Several things I loved about  while dealing with this company is their professionalism, continued effort, clear/precise information & correspondence, integrity, focus & drive towards each & every aspect of their role. The difference that Kate has made to our lives has been immense & can never thank her enough for her hard work & dedication to her role including the children involved. 
To think of it I cannot find one fault about Bannerman Solicitors particularly Kate. There has never been a moment where I regret my decision to use this company & have been blessed to have dealt with Kate B.

I found the experience extremely positive and I would never use or recommend anyone else. 

Testimonial 8

In 2009 my children and our life had a turning point, in August of 2015 our sense of safety and freedom was recognised through Final Parenting Orders by Consent in The Family Court of WA.

Without Kate Behrens and her experience, in every aspect of making a court recognize our individual situation, cutting through the emotions, and of my standing up to the person I fear most, falling down, and knowing to keep them safe and give them freedom, was to get back up, and simultaneously dealing with the departments, courts, fear, and above all two beautiful girls who deserve every chance.

Words of thanks for Kate Behrens and Bannerman Solicitors in our journey, is hard to put into less than a book, if it weren’t for the controversy of our case and the many many others who go through the process just like us daily.

Kate Behrens and Bannerman’s had the ability to see what was important through it all.

Bannermans have seen me through some financial challenges and still never gave up on us, representing me through our WA Family Court, unexpectedly through the Family Circuit Court of NSW, guided me through VRO’s, two further extension of the VROs and I have been through the Legal Aid process and self represented at VRO hearings and trials.

Bannermans understood and assisted in every possible way in that aspect also.