Ben Sweetman



Ben has worked exclusively in family law since 2017 and received valuable training at another highly-regarded Perth family law firm during his time at university and his first year of practice, before joining Bannerman Solicitors in 2020.

He has witnessed the stress and unhappiness of clients involved in long-running disputes, so he prefers to help you to reach a negotiated settlement if possible.

If that’s not possible, or your matter has already progressed to Court, he has assisted in a number of contested trials relating to property settlement and children’s arrangements.

Before becoming a lawyer, Ben was a police officer for 7 years. If you are experiencing family violence, have been charged by police, or police are involved in your life for some other reason, he will be empathetic and especially capable of understanding that aspect of your life.

Ben is a member of:

  • Family Law Practitioner’s Association of WA;
  • Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia; and

Law Society of Western Australia