For a divorce to be granted, the Family Court must be satisfied that you have been separated from a period of at least 12 months preceding the filing of a Divorce Application and that the arrangements for any children are proper.

An Application for Divorce can be filed by either party to a marriage or both parties jointly.

In some circumstances, you can be divorced even though you are separated and living under the same roof, or when there have been short periods of reconciliation since the major separation took place. In those circumstances, it is important to obtain legal advice to know what steps you can and cannot take and what information you might need to provide to the Court.

Bannerman Solicitors can assist you at all stages of this process, including preparation of the Application for Divorce or responding to any application made. This is to ensure that all steps are taken and dealt with in an appropriate and cost effective manner.

We can also assist with advice and applications in relation to declarations relating to a marriage, including declarations of nullity or as to the validity of a marriage, divorce or annulment of marriage.