Julia Johnston




Julia grew up in farming family in Dardanup and originally attended Dardanup Primary School which was a one teacher primary school.   She then attended St Hilda’s Church of England School for Girls, graduated from there in 1974, and attended the University of Western Australia where she completed a Bachelor of Jurisprudence and a Bachelor of Laws.  Julia was admitted as a barrister and solicitor on 21 December 1980 and she have practised in the area of family law since.

Julia commenced her own practice, Calverley Johnston in 1985 and remained principle of that practice until 2019.

Julia is currently employed as a Consultant at Bannerman Solicitors.

Julia practices solely in the areas of family law.  She was awarded the Attorney General’s Humanity Services Lawyer of the Year Award by the Honourable John Quigley in October 2020.   She joined Bannerman Solicitors as a Consultant in March 2022.  

Julia was the first woman from Dardanup Primary School to ever attend university. 

Julia has been a member of the Premier’s Women’s Advisory Council, on the Board of Wanslea Family Services for 30 years, and has been awarded a Community Services Award for her services to Wanslea.

Julia continues to practice as an Independent Children’s Lawyer and separate representative in the Children’s Court and she estimates that over her 42 year legal career that she has been involved in at least 5,000 of these cases.