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I consider myself so very fortunate to have received the benefit of Richard Bannerman and James Mansfield’s assistance and expertise during what has been a very challenging time for me and my family. I honestly believe that without their involvement the matter had tremendous potential in dragging on, escalating, and/or worse of all intensifying to large extent. As I have done so in the past, I would not at all hesitate in recommending Bannerman Solicitors to anyone going through an ordeal even remotely as challenging as mine in Family Court.

I have known Mr. Patrick Gardner since 2019 when he graciously took up my case and represented me. I still recall my first ever phone conversation with him and will most likely never forget it. The quality of his words and deep tone assured me that I am in safe hands. In the midst of the turmoil and pain I felt, Patrick remained an anchor crafted from the hardest steel. 

He is the embodiment of Client Focus and Value for Time and Money. Patrick has always acted in my best interest in every decision he took with respect to my case after always seeking my thoughts and views.   

As of writing this testimonial, my records indicate that Patrick and I have exchanged 443 emails. Every single email he has ever sent me was written with passion, razor sharp precision and clarity. I surely don’t miss the court proceedings but I do miss reading his well articulated emails and our long discussions on the case both in person and over the phone.

I realised very soon that Patrick is a gentleman who is a humanitarian at heart and is driven by compassion towards those who have undergone injustice. He stood tall and fearless; a one man army against Prosecution and did everything in his power to ensure fallacies and inconsistencies were brought to the forefront. When I felt vulnerable and at the mercy of injustice, Patrick was my armour. His reassurance got me through so many dark times. Words cannot justify the gratitude I have in my heart for him. 

My case is officially closed and I can now move on with my life. 

Patrick, from the bottom of heart, thank you for everything you have done for me. I will never forget you. Superheroes don’t wear capes. They wear suits. You are a Hero and have protected my future by taking up my case.

Hi Richard,

Thank you so much for the work you have done this morning, you are the best and you did amazing job. Millions of thank yous, I am so appreciative.

 I have contacted the safe balance and the handover will happen this Saturday and Sunday.

Dear Richard

Thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart.

I would just like to say a massive Thank you to the both of you and Bannerman Solicitors. I appreciate all the hard negotiations you did to get an end result. You have no idea what a relief it is, to have light in the end of the tunnel for the first time in 5 years.

Thank You for all your help and support.

Thank you so much for your letter. I really appreciate your strong, clear and expert representation and response of the matters at hand.

Thank you so much for all your and your teams consistent hard work for the children and I.

With sincere gratitude and appreciation I would like to thank Bannerman and associates particularly Samantha for everything she’s done.  From the very start I really felt confident and real support under her representation and feel blessed at the end of my ordeal. With sincere kind regards.

What wonderful news! We are so delighted and have all cried tears of elation. Patrick you have been a pillar of strength for us along this journey, and we sincerely appreciate your frankness and professional approach to what could have been a minefield for unsuspecting players. You have assisted in uniting our family and we are truly grateful for all you have done.

We shall recommend you most highly, and wish you all the very best.  Thank you again.

Thank you Richard. The best possible news I’ve had for a very long time that we’ve all waited a long time for. Thank you can never be enough – but here goes anyway – thank you for such patience, understanding and kindness shown toward me from yourself, Kina and the whole Bannerman team. Please pass on my extreme thanks and gratitude.

Thank you so very much for all your professional support and guidance over the last few years. Whilst it has been a spectacularly stressful time for me, knowing that I had you in my corner provided me with a lot of comfort. You are so very good at what you do & anyone who enlists you as their Family Lawyer is in the very best hands.

Jack and I are eternally grateful to you the Bannerman team.

Thank you Richard I do trust you implicitly due to number 1, your fabulous credentials, number 2 the way you have consistently treated me so beautifully and acted in the past and number 3 how you treat me currently so beautifully.  Your recent and continual and complete results for me have been absolutely perfect and superior just like what I have seen online and heard about you from friends, not only in your expertise and  intellectual aspects, but also your kindness, and I say this not because I have a right to judge, but because it is true and it is just such a wonderful combination. Your insight, together with kindness, which I cannot even comprehend, that someone can be that skilled and this past happenings consistently without waver is why I put my trust in you so implicitly and hold you so high. You have just been absolutely marvellous and I cannot speak more highly of you and your staff, everyone of them are marvellous and lovely and kind and intelligent and I can see that is an attribute to you because you chose them.

Your staff, all of them, were absolutely astoundingly delightful, down to the very last one.

Dear Richard and Kate

I would like to thank you very much for all the work you have done towards the mediation. I am more than happy with what I have received. It will be more than I need to have a stress free life. After pressing through the figures, we are going to sit back and think about what we’re going to do for a couple of years. It is a great feeling to be able to look forward for a change without stress. You’re both lovely people, we thank you very much for a real no stress mediation.


Life will always be compromised with an ex like mine.  However, I am really happy and content and learning how to navigate this emotional minefield.

Thank you so much for your support and commitment.  I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone going through this journey. You were fantastic, level headed and a good rudder.

Thank you all so much. Here’s to a new chapter in our life. You guys are the best and I wish all the best in the future. Such a rock solid company with such talented people. The best in Perth!

It’s all quite sad saying goodbye to my Legal Family. I cannot thank you all enough for helping make all my wishes come true. You guys have been my rock! Thank you.

I can not thank you enough for all your hard work Richard.

You and Natasha have been amazing. I am absolutely thrilled with, & relieved by, today’s outcome & am looking forward to moving forwards from all of this.

Thank you again, and many times over.

Good Evening Mr Bannerman

Thank you for your correspondence advising that you have the Orders from the Court and your final account. Mr Bannerman, I am especially thankful to you and your entire firm, for accepting me as a client at one of the lowest points of my daughter and my life. A special thank you to Kate Behrens.

Also, you taking carriage of my file this past year has reconfirmed that your firm has easily been one of the best decisions I have made during this period of my life. Your kind yet professional approach will be spoken of long into our future.

I appreciate your completing the balance of the work to ensure the transfer of the Superannuation into my fund.

Richard – thank you for showing me that throughout the 3 years of court that I had definitely made the right choice in choosing your expertise to represent me in my family matters. Last week I saw nothing but brilliance in what you do. Your strategic approach and knowledge of my case was delivered in words that exceed brilliance! Your map of the trial I could not fault one bit. Your calm manner and approach throughout the 3 years kept me level headed through times of madness and frustration. Your knowledge and best interests for everyone involved, shined fairness. I know I have not won my trial yet, but the confidence in the way you represented me in court this week was truly uplifting and blew me away. I really loved working with you.

Rachel – thank you for supporting me through times where I had no energy left to get things done. Your calm and detailed approach was just amazing. Your support to me I cannot thank you enough. From helping me to complete my affidavit to helping me find some strength. Your knowledge and kindness was second to none. You always managed to keep on smiling throughout when I know I was so late in getting things in. You worked effortlessly to put all my material together and your passion and hard work in what you do is fantastic. I really loved working with you.

Karen – thank you for supporting me throughout the 3 year court process. Your professionalism and total understanding of the case was second to none. You even remembered all of my case after having a baby and having some time off. Your commitment to what you do is fantastic and I have the upmost respect for you. Your calming attitude and knowledge of family law is amazing. It made my day to see you attend my trial, it really showed me what great support I had throughout from you. I really loved working with you.

Dear Richard, Karen and staff

I would like to sincerely thank you, Karen and your amazing staff (team) for the fair and just outcome of my settlement. I now have financial independence and ownership of my life, with a positive future.

It was an usual case but with your professionalism, wisdom and support I felt that I wasn’t on my own. I must also mention the return calls/emails after hours when I needed assistance and reassurance at some low points within the case was above and beyond to which I’m so grateful for.

The settlement is finalised, with the divorce on its way, I see how blessed I am to have Richard Bannerman and his team on my side all the way. I look forward to recommending Bannerman Solicitors.

Can I please say that I will absolutely be recommending your firm to others in my position, your professionalism and knowledge has been fantastic and I very much appreciate you representing me in the these matters. I was in a difficult separation but you Richard have helped me achieve what I didn’t think I could and through your efforts I can now move on. People like my ex are bullies that can knock the confidence out of any vulnerable person but Richard your persistence and support have given me the strength to carry on.

I would like to thank you and all staff for all your help and your professional and personal attention to detail. I’ve found dealing with you all  way ahead of a lot of other businesses operating in same field.

I am genuine in my comments and respect for all of your staff and will have no issue in recommending you.

I was very privileged to have Bannerman Solicitors represent me in resolving custody and financial settlement through the Family Court. The case was highly complex, volatile and drawn out across 2013 to 2015. Richard and Karen were able to grasp the level of risk for my child and understood my concerns.

Karen Campbell was thorough in her day-to-day correspondence, ongoing meetings and preparation of documents. Having both Karen and Richard’s exceptional representation at Trial exceeded all expectations. Resulting in final orders which provided myself and my child with safety, security and a financial settlement.

I would recommend Bannnerman Solicitors to any prospective client in search of professional legal representation. I am forever grateful for the experience I had with all the staff at Bannermans. During such a stressful period in my life they were always fully understanding and supportive.

Good afternoon Patrick,

I’d just like to thank you very much for your service to M, which has been really appreciated. Although this case was not complex, it’s still a stressful process for the client and the family. It’s great to now have closure and, although D’s mother may (unlikely) initiate proceedings in the future, we can now move on.

Thanks so much for your professional service. M felt much more confident with having you to act for him than if he’d had to go through the process on his own.

Best wishes for the future!

Kind regards

I approached Bannerman Solicitors for a Family Law matter on the recommendation of an acquaintance. I never once regretted this decision.

For the most part I dealt with Richard Bannerman and then later with Karen Campbell when she joined the firm. Richard’s and Karen’s total professionalism, care and integrity helped to get me through the long and drawn out process of my matter, which when finalised resulted in the best possible outcome for me.

I cannot recommend Bannerman Solicitors highly enough.

Richard Bannerman was recommended to me as other lawyers I had seen seemed to focus only on the financial side of things and were not listening to my main concerns. I had major concerns in relation to my children’s safety.

At my first meeting with Richard, he listened to the issues that were important to me and straight away understood the situation my family was in. He gave me expert advice in that very first meeting and put my mind at ease. I immediately changed my lawyers to have Bannerman Solicitors represent me. Richard understands the family court system and the family law but he also cares about your family.

Nathan has also assisted Richard with my case. Both he and Richard are very thorough in their work and have been very patient and understanding when dealing with third parties who have been very un-cooperative and difficult to deal with.

My divorce proceedings are what they call “high conflict.” They have not been pleasant at all. However, with Richard and Nathan helping me, I have managed to make it through.

They have been by my side throughout numerous complex court hearings. Not only do they understand the legalities, they fight for your family and they care about how you are coping throughout the process.

They have always shown the utmost professionalism and their only goal from the very start and right through all of the proceedings has been to help my family achieve the best outcome and to settle matters quickly for us.

I would highly recommend Bannerman Solicitors to anyone who requires a family lawyer

I approached Bannerman Solicitors for a matter in family law. I was dealing with Richard Bannerman in the early stages, who is very professional & accurate at what he does. Then I started dealing with Kate because Richard was away at the time & have never looked back. It seems like they have a particular way & reputation that they uphold for their clients. I have never been disappointed with any of the staff at Bannerman Solicitors starting from reception to accounts department or the personal assistants to any particular lawyer. They all seem to strive to do their best & endeavor for the best outcome for the client particularly best interest of the children.

Kate has helped me by being her amazing self and having my child’s best interest at all times. communication with Kate has been a breeze she is very understanding, compassionate & seems as though can read your thoughts without having to talk for hours explaining (wasting money & time) Let alone the communication over the phone, emails & in writing was of the same standards & caliber.

The result has been positive for all involved in my case & worth every minute of my time & money. Several things I loved about  while dealing with this company is their professionalism, continued effort, clear/precise information & correspondence, integrity, focus & drive towards each & every aspect of their role. The difference that Kate has made to our lives has been immense & can never thank her enough for her hard work & dedication to her role including the children involved.
To think of it I cannot find one fault about Bannerman Solicitors particularly Kate. There has never been a moment where I regret my decision to use this company & have been blessed to have dealt with Kate B.

I found the experience extremely positive and I would never use or recommend anyone else.

In 2009 my children and our life had a turning point, in August of 2015 our sense of safety and freedom was recognised through Final Parenting Orders by Consent in The Family Court of WA.

Without Kate Behrens and her experience, in every aspect of making a court recognize our individual situation, cutting through the emotions, and of my standing up to the person I fear most, falling down, and knowing to keep them safe and give them freedom, was to get back up, and simultaneously dealing with the departments, courts, fear, and above all two beautiful girls who deserve every chance.

Words of thanks for Kate Behrens and Bannerman Solicitors in our journey, is hard to put into less than a book, if it weren’t for the controversy of our case and the many many others who go through the process just like us daily.

Kate Behrens and Bannerman’s had the ability to see what was important through it all.

Bannermans have seen me through some financial challenges and still never gave up on us, representing me through our WA Family Court, unexpectedly through the Family Circuit Court of NSW, guided me through VRO’s, two further extension of the VROs and I have been through the Legal Aid process and self represented at VRO hearings and trials.

Bannermans understood and assisted in every possible way in that aspect also.